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The King - Dark Wood Tamper

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The King - Dark Wood Tamper

The King: The King of Tampers. This name was not chosen by chance. Asso Coffee have managed to combine the most advanced metallurgical technology to give coffee professionals a unique and perfect tamper.

The special body allows you to accurately choose the depth of pressing, the snap mechanism is accurate to the millimeter. Once set, the mechanism does not move and does not change the tamping of the ground coffee.

Each cover is handmade using natural wood. The craftsmanship of the process, combined with the comfort that only natural wood can provide, makes each piece unique and special. 

Why do we love The King - Dark Wood Tamper

  • Natural wood cover
  • Perfect pressing
  • Different diameters available
  • Customizable
  • Snap mechanism
  • Laser engraved


  • Size: 58.5mm
  • 100% Made in Italy

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