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Haraz, Manakha - Yemen - Saudi Coffee

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Haraz, Manakha - Yemen - Saudi Coffee

Haraz is known for its distinct geographical diversity, with high mountains and low valleys close to the sea surface, making the soil within the ideal climate and coffee-growing conditions. Haraz has been known since previous times for producing the finest Yemeni coffee, as coffee trees are planted in its mountains and valleys, and watered from its rain water and rivers.

Why do we love Haraz, Manakha - Yemen - Saudi Coffee

  • Haraz Manakha is a blonde roast specially roasted for making Saudi coffee
  • The region is characterized by the ideal altitude, soil, and climatic conditions for growing coffee


  • Altitude: 2000-2500 masl
  • Process: Natural
  • Growing location: Mountain Terraces
  • Variety: Typica
  • Species: Ja’ady, Tuffahi, and Odayni
  • Uzlah: Lahab, West Haraz
  • Village: Lahab
  • District: Manakhah, Sana'a Governorate
  • Watering: Rain
  • Weight: 100g
  • Type: Saudi Coffee "Dallah"
  • Whole Beans

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