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Mario Esmeralda Special Geisha - Panama

Mario 6ASN is a part of the Esmeralda Special Reserve, an award-winning coffee collection that has garnered continuous international prizes since we first introduced it fifteen years ago. It is sold by direct trade, outside of the Esmeralda Auction, in small quantities.

Why do you love Mario Esmeralda Special Geisha - Panama ?
At Esmeralda we hand-pick the ripest, reddest cherries. Our careful attention ensures an elegant and complex cup, with notes of jasmine, stone fruit and bergamot. Nurtured in the volcanic soils of Boquete and sprinkled with the mists of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, this is an exceptional Esmeralda Geisha.
To produce Mario 6ASN, we use only recycled water, sourced from the highlands near our mill. Proceeds from this coffee have gone to such programs as a school for our pickers' children during harvest with hot meals; a supply of rice, beans, and sardines for all harvesters and theik; families while they live on the farm; and a bi-annual bonus of at least 30%

  • Lot Name: Mario
  • Farm: Jaramillo
  • Owner: Peterson Family
  • Region: Jaramillo 
  • Varietal: Geisha
  • Altitude: (+) 1650 meters above sea level
  • Process: Slow Dry Natural Process
  • Process Description: Anaerobic fermentation
  • Harvest Date: April 9th, 2020
  • Drying Time: Slow dried on African raised beds for 30 days.
  • Estimated Annual Rainfall : 4000 mm
  • Average Temperature Daily 19°C - 25°C , Nightly: 11°C - 15°C
    GPS (Lot) 8°46'51"N 82°24'3"W
  • Average Coffee Tree Age in Lot : 20 years
  • Tasting notes: jasmine, stone fruit and bergamot.
  • Roast level: Medium
  • Whole beans
  • Weight: 100 g
  • Type: Filter Coffee 
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