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Mountain Green 2019 | Single Batch Tea

Mountain Green 2019 | Single Batch Tea

Delicious, naturally sweet, fruity, and sappy green tea.

The Mann tea garden is a 6th generation family owned garden in the Himalayan foothills. It sits at a similar elevation to Darjeeling, about 4,500ft but the location is much further west along the Himalayas, in Himachal Pradesh. Many of the region’s tea gardens sit along the Himalayan foothills, from Darjeeling in the east, through Nepal, and on to Himachal Pradesh in the west. Everyone knows Darjeeling, most tea drinkers know Nepal; however, very few know about Himachal Pradesh as a tea terroir. You’re now in on the secret. We love their commitment to flavour and purity, bringing out the expressive flavours of their terroir.

This 50kg batch of green tea was made for Lalani & Co in the 2nd flush season of 2019. It’s a craft made, large-leaf tea. The key step in making any green tea is heating, which stops the oxidation (stops the leaf going brown). The Mountain Green is pan heated, contributing to its sappy, floral flavour profile.

This green tea opens with a floral note. It’s sweet, sappy, and very smooth textured, like you’re drinking sweet leafy sap. There is a touch of minerality in the finish. The smooth texture leaves very little tannin on the palate.