Oracle Espresso Machine - Sage by Breville


Sage brings to you the first automatic manual espresso unit which gives you cafe quality coffee at your home. You do not need to be a barista, The Oracle does the job. It has automatic dosing, grinding, tamping and mil texturing system which automates two most difficult functions of manual espresso. The automatic grind, dose and tamp are hands free that work with built-in conical burr grinders to give you the required quantity of coffee without creating a mess into the filter basket. The unit automatically texture the milk to the selected temperature and style ranging from silky smooth latte to creamy cappuccino. The innovative feature of one-touch Americano gives you the double shots of espresso separately through a dedicated spout fill the cup with warm water.

The machine is also equipped with dual stainless steel boilers together with patent pending triple heat system. The unit contains a dedicated espresso boiler with PID technology for the extraction of espresso shot within the range of +/- 2 °F of the selected temperature. The unit also deliver instant and continuous steam on demand through a dedicated steam boiler. The machine allows you to extract your coffee espresso shot and texture your milk at the same time so that you can capture the delicate aromatics of the espresso in the coffee shot by having milk ready at the same time.