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Wush Wush - Colombia -Filter Coffee

This coffee was planted by jose giraldo in las marias, pijao, colombia. These seeds came from ethiopia and the purest selection derivates into a pure stripped orange cherries. The profile of this ethipian coffee planted in the higher grounds of colombian mountains creates incredible flavors that is going to be difficult to forget. And with the experienced techniques of processing by cafe 1959, the quality of this championship coffee is highlighted more..


  • Lot Name: Stripped Wush Wush 
  • Farm: Las Marias
  • Region: Pijao, Quindio - Colombia
  • Varietal: Wush Wush
  • Altitude: 1.950 Masl
  • Process : Natural Anaerobic 72 Hours
  • Coffee Score : 90 +
  • Supplier Name : Café 1959 - Jose Giraldo
  • Type: Pour-Over
  • Size : 150 g


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