Hasami Porcelain

Hasami Porcelain Tray (Lid)


The historic city of Hasami is one of the most important pottery regions in Japan, which has a 400-year pottery crafting tradition. Using traditional Japanese techniques with a special blend of natural stone and clay materials, HASAMI PORCELAIN is the result of several years of creative craftsmanship to achieve the best of what raw materials can offer. Hasami Porcelain has a different natural feel compared to traditional ceramic wares, where the matte finish adds a natural touch to the product.

One of the distinguishable features of HASAMI PORCELAIN is its multifunctionality, as the lids can be used as trays or plates. All Hasami Porcelains are also designed to be stackable, as each product can be stored over the other to save more space.

At the heart of Hasami Porcelains is the simple straight line, which representsmodern Japanese aesthetics, making all products look neat and clean.