Caffeine Lab is a coffee roaster, café, and a retail and is one of the first pioneers of specialty
coffee in Saudi Arabia , Caffeine Lab was established on a mission to provide exceptional and ethical coffee experience locally and to raise the awareness on fair, high-grade coffee.

We commit to our mission through taking in mind every step of the coffee journey, from directly sourcing the beans to roasting and serving.

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Established in 2014, Caffeine Lab has since expanded to two main branches and multiple drive-throughs across Jeddah.

Until now we continue to provide the same standards
and quality that ignited our passion and vision.
We are more than happy to meet you and serve in any of our branches, pay us a visit!

Our Approach

Our coffee passion compels us to take responsibility in what we and approach everyone with a sense of care, from coffee farmers to our customers. We believe that coffee is a product of the environment and the people who grow it. And to respect and value this work and support its sustainability, we work directly with coffee farmers, visit their farms, and maintain direct communication with them. This way we ensure that they are paid fairly and help in maintain the sustainability of heir farms and the continuity of producing the same high-quality coffee and
allowing the development of different lots and processes. This approach also contributes to creating an experience that allows our community and customers to enjoy distinctive coffee without worrying about the conditions under which they are grown and harvested.

After sourcing green beans, we move to the process of roasting in our facilities. We develop and apply the best roasting profiles according to the characteristics of each lot. We try the roasted beans multiple times through cupping sessions before we
decide on which roasting profile best extract the full taste and aromas. We save our processes to apply them again to ensure consistent results in every bag.
Our roasting team include SCA certified roasters and professionals in the sensory skills required to taste and rate coffee.

Coffee Solutions

Our products range offer solutions to various circumstances, and our long experience in the coffee industry has enabled us to provide consultation and advice on the most important equipment needed for commercial use. We provide wholesale for all our products to cater the needs of any business. In addition, we provide training and education in line with the skills needed of baristas and employees working in the café business.

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services, you can reach to us by sending an email to or by calling on +966500535030

 We are happy to answer
your questions and serve you from Sunday to Thursday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

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