Rivers Coffee Grinder Grit

Matte Black

Coffee Grinder Grit

GRIT is a coffee grinder that produces consistently delicious ground coffee. It was designed to produce consistent grind size, as it has a secured upper blade, increasing grind stability and producing consistent grind size.

The GRIT has a short handle, making it more convenient when transporting or storing, while still ensuring easy grinding. It has ceramic blades, whichmakes them more resistant to abrasion than steel blades, and is rustproof.

Why do we love Rivers Coffee Grinder Grit
  • Ceramic blades
  • Ease of maintenance: blades don’t rust
  • Features silicone band that securely holds the handle when removed. No handle rattling even if the grinder is shaken, which results in preventing the handle from damaging the grinder
  • Material: 18-8 Stainless (Body, Handle, Container, Lid)/ Polypropylene (Body,handle) /Polyacetal, Iron (Screw)/ Ceramic Porcelain (Blade)/ Silicone rubber (Band)
  • Capacity : 120ml (Beans 20g)
  • Max Temperature : 100°C (Polypropylene,Polyacetal) /180°C (Silicone)
  • Size : W52mm x D52mm x H162mm (When the handle is stored)
  • Weight: 230g
  • Made in Japan
  • Not suitable for: dishwasher
  • Oil is unnecessary
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