Brewista Gem Series Porcelain Dripper

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Brewista Gem Series Porcelain Dripper

The Gem’s distinctive design supports and controls water flow for superior extraction, more robust flavors and quite simply, a perfectly-brewed cup of coffee. Designed by the Brewista team and World Brewers Cup champion Stefanos Domatiotis, the Gem Series Dripper helps you create an immersive coffee experience in minutes, from the comfort of your home.

Why do we love Brewista Gem Series Porcelain Dripper
  • The Lid with the hole: the lid is a fundamental element as it gives coffee makers total control over pouring. The hole also works as a protection layer enabling a stable water flow, and minimizing the risk of turbulence.
  • Innovative ribs: the only dripper with two different sets of ribs, horizontal and vertical to impact water flow.
  • 12 horizontal ribs: they are placed in the middle of the dripper to slow the water flow so it can contact the coffee for longer and carry away all its characteristics in a smooth way.
  • 12 vertical ribs: the deeper vertical ribs go down to the hole as now we need the water with the coffee to exit faster preventing over- extraction that will end up in bitter flavors.
  • Maximum heat retention and higher kinesis: When hot water comes in contact with the coffee grounds, Co2 is released. With the lid, steam that is produced, is trapped along with the Co2 resulting in higher kinesis and heat and energy retention.
  • An extra protection layer enabling a stable water flow towards the center to avoid unexpected effects in the extraction.
  • Wide lid to fit cups and servers
  • Diamond shape for optimal extraction
  • Material: Porcelain
  • Height: 136.51mm
  • Width: 128.73mm
  • Weight: 500g
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