Toast Living Dripdrop Coffee Carafe Set 300ml

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Dripdrop Coffee Carafe Set by Toast Living

Created with the concept “The extraordinary in the ordinary”, the unique feature of this design is the clever use of the circle and oval shapes. With its amiable shape and colors, it can be matched with any space in different styles, and its individual character can also be shown with its aesthetics design. The glass coffee dripper contains a special rib structure that can create a smooth flow rate when brewing. Double-wall glass avoids temperature loss and also can behold easily.

Why do we love Toast Living Dripdrop Coffee Carafe Set 300ml
  • Creative design based on an exceptional concept
  • Double-wall glass dripper
  • Easy to match in any space
  • Dimensions: Coffee Server: Ø8.6 x 16 x 15.6cm; 300ml
  • Dripper holder: Ø8.4 x 2.3cm. Dripper: Ø11 x 7.2cm
  • Materials: Heat-resistant glass, except for the holder.
  • Designer: TOAST Design
  • Includes: Coffee server, dripper, and dripper holder.
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