Elektra KUP Automatic Coffee Machine - 3 Group

Matt Black
Ice White


Beauty and functionality make the KUP, automatic coffee machine for bar, a point of reference for the bartender’s nowadays and lover of minimalist forms. By record is the temperature control of the delivery groups, the patented water purification system makes it unique without fear of comparisons in any competition in the production of high quality Italian espresso coffee. The integrated management of consumption and utilization data are essential for those considering the quality a mark of distinction.

Why do we love Elektra KUP Automatic Coffee Machine - 3 Group
  • Reduced energy consumption: programmable night cycle reduces energy consumption
  • Brewing temperature control and setting: exclusive brewing temperature electronic control. Electronic control of the boiler water temperature. Precise adjustment of the brewing temperature (+/- 0,25°c) 
  • Groups height suitable for 12 and 16 ounces cups
  • Automatic 5 doses device: sturdy push-button panel, with mechanical “soft-touch” coffee dispensing buttons
  • Exclusive use of metal for the body of the
  • "CHS" cup warmer: innovative cups heating system to low power consumption, without maintenance
  • "BLS" body lighting system: with BLS, the machine sides are enlightened by multi-colored led lights.
  • "MFS" patented milk frothing system: automatic hot milk setting. Automatic milk frothing setting (cappuccino). Custom-made milk temperature setting. Custom-made milk foam quantity. Automatic cleaning system management.
  • Units: 3 Group
  • Boiler Capacity: 16 l
  • 220V, 60Hz, Single Phase
  • Power: 6000W
  • Height: 54cm. Width: 103cm. Depth: 50cm
  • Weight: 67kg
  • Shipping weight: 90kg
  • Colour: Matt Black/Ice White
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