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Ergo Striped Wood Tamper - Striped Zebrawood

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Ergo Striped Wood Tamper - Striped Zebrawood

The tampers of the ERGO FLAG line have been specially designed to allow the production of excellent espresso. The very high quality materials used in production and the skillful craftsmanship are essential features of Asso Coffee products. The ergonomic design and the careful weight calibration facilitate the pressing of the coffee, thus guaranteeing the right resistance to the passage of water and avoids the negative effects of non-uniform channeling. The oils thus extracted emulsify and create a sweet, richly flavored cream. 

The handles of these tampers have been created by skilled wood craftsmen who have been able to give shape on the lathe to unique pieces, created with the best raw materials and precious woods.

Why do we love Ergo Striped Wood Tamper - Striped Zebrawood
  • Highest quality materials
  • 100% made in Italy
  • Ergonomic
  • Calibrated weight
  • Size: 58mm
  • Base: Flat or Convex
  • English
  • العربية