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Flair Flow-Control 2 Portafilter

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Flow-Control 2 Portafilter

The Flow-Control 2 Portafilter is an upgrade from Flair’s original flow-control technology. The Flow-Control 2 improves upon this technology by adding a removable spout which allows for cleaning and de-clogging of the restricted spout. Now users can clean their portafilters as often as they want, ensuring the highest level of performance on a daily basis.

    Why do we love Flair Flow-Control 2 Portafilter
    • The Flow-Control 2 continues to allow brewers to add any grounds they want and lower the lever for delicious espresso.
    • As before, this technology works by restricting the exit hole and generating pressure in the puck to ensure proper extraction times.
    • With proper use, each spout will enjoy a long lifespan.
    • Weight: .2 lbs
    • Dimensions: 7.25 × 12 × .5 in
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