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Flair Full PRO 2 Brewing Head Kit

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Full PRO 2 Brewing Head Kit

A complete Flair PRO 2 brewing head replacement or upgrade. Buy and use with any existing PRO, and any pro-enabled Signature or Classic. Not compatible with The NEO.

Why do we love Flair Full PRO 2 Brewing Head Kit
  • Great for upgrading your Flair Espresso Maker


  • Stainless steel brewing cylinder
  • Stainless Steel plunger
  • PRO 2 pressure gauge with gauge guard
  • PRO 2 bottomless portafilter
  • PRO 2 removable stainless steel spout
  • PRO 2 funnel and dosing cup/tamper
  • Preheat cap
  • *Does not include the stainless steel tamper
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