It's American Press

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It's American Press

Use the power of pressure and ultra-fine 100-micron steel filtration to rapidly brew a clean and complex cup that's consistent from the first sip to the last. It's all the body without the "mud" of French press, plus a smooth sweetness that will surprise you. Brewed under pressure, the American Press produces an espresso-inspired cup akin to an Americano that's lab tested and proven to be higher in TDS with less sediment than leading steel-filtered coffee presses, and to produce a less bitter and a more balanced, fruitier cup than French press.

Why do we love It's American Press
  • Tastes better
  • Simple to use
  • Easy to clean and eco-friendly
  • 12-ounce (354ml) design brews up to 14 ounces (414ml)
  • Designed for medium grind coffee (pre-ground works fine)
  • Ultra-fine 100 micron stainless steel filtration
  • Shatter resistant and dishwasher safe double-wall Tritan® carafe
  • Solid metal handle and stainless steel pouring edge
  • Medical-grade silicone seals and lid core
  • BPA free
  • English
  • العربية