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Kees Van Der Westen - Spirit (Back Order)



Kees Van Der Westen presents Spirit- a state-of-the-art highly user friendly machine that performs to cater the high demands of running coffee cafes. This Multi-boiler machine is equipped with well-considered ergonomics: an efficient high precision tool with enormous capacity.

Why do we love Kees Van Der Westen - Spirit (Back Order)
  • Multiple boiler set-up: one large steam boiler & each group has its own large independent coffee water boiler
  • Exposed groups with large dimension neck between boiler and group head
  • Coffee water boiler and group in stainless steel
  • Steam boiler with heat-exchangers in copper
  • One separate PID temperature controller for each coffee water boiler
  • Each coffee water boiler receives pre-heated water from its own heat-exchanger in the steam boiler
  • Fully saturated, self-bleeding groups, equipped with stainless steel solenoid valves
  • 2 external pumps: 1 pump providing brew pressure to groups, 1 additional pump to fill steam boiler and inject cold water to hot water spout
  • Adjustable temperature of hot water delivery
  • Filling of steam boiler never occurs simultaneously with hot water delivery to prevent temperature fluctuations
  • Smooth infusion with pressure automatically starting at low pressure, progressively building up to 9 bar.
  • Real-life coffee boiler temperature indicated in direct sight under each group
  • Barista adjustable steam pressure, at front
  • 1 pressure gauge per group
  • Automatic group back-flush cycle
  • Each boiler can be switched off or on separately
  • POM dispersion plate, temperature neutral, non-dirt sticking
  • Long horizontal brew water path inside group from pick-up to dispersion
  • Drain tray easily adjustable in height
  • Progressive lever activation of steam valves
  • Illuminated rear panel
  • Frame in 3mm stainless steel only, powder coated in crackle black
  • Body in 3mm high grade aluminum.
  • Capacity each coffee boiler with group 2.1ltr 2.1ltr
  • Heating element 900Watt/230Volt 900Watt/230Volt
  • Capacity steam boiler 11ltr. 19.5ltr.
  • Heating element 4.800Watt/230Volt 6.000Watt/230Volt
  • Standard is a 3-phase connection, each phase 2.350Watt/230Volt 3.050Watt/230Volt
  • Total wattage, incl. pumps, solenoids 7.000 9.100
  • Total Amps 31 40 (Other electric connections available upon request.)
  • Body incl. drip tray, Width X Depth X Height 100 X 79 X 45cm 130 X 79 X 45cm
  • Foot print, Width X Depth 73 X 45 103 X 45
  • 2 external pumps, 1 to brew, 1 to fill steam boiler and inject cold water at hot water spout
  • 2 high pressure flexible tubes, 1.5mtr
  • 2 high pressure flexible tube, 0.5mtr with T-fitting
  • 2 shotglasses, KVDW branded
  • 1 stainless steel tamper, 58mm, adjustable height
  • Drain tube 20mm I.D. with stainless hose clamp, 2.5mtr
  • 2 (Duette) or 3(Triplette) filter holders, double spout
  • 1 filter holder, single spout (filter holders available with Teflon coating, or bottomless)
  • 2 or 3 blind baskets
  • 1 container with back-flush detergent
  • English
  • العربية