KINGrinder K6 Manual Hand Grinder

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KINGrinder K6

KINGrinder K6 is a heavy duty and durable manual coffee grinder that guarantees precision and functionality. Kingrinder K6 grinds coffee for all preparation methods, from as fine as Turkish coffee, to as coarse as French Press. Features 48mm stainless-steel burr and 60 click adjustments, with a 16μm for each adjustment click to give you wider grind options. 

Why do we love KINGrinder K6 Manual Hand Grinder
  • Made for all coffee preparation methods
  • Ideal for grinding espresso
  • Exterior adjustment design
  • 60 clicks per round
  • Stainless-steel burr
  • Aluminum hopper
  • Friendly Cleaning
  • Burr Size: 48mm
  • Hopper Capacity: 30-35g
  • Weight: 630g
  • 6.35mm Drill: Yes
  • Wooden Ball: Conical
  • English
  • العربية