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Kyoto Oolong 2019 | Single Batch Tea

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Kyoto Oolong 2019 | Single Batch Tea

This is a super interesting oolong from Japan. Inviting apricot notes, a vibrant fruity acidity, smooth texture, and biscuity base notes.

The Kyoto Oolong comes from the Nakai family’s garden in Kyoto. They’re pioneers of organic farming in Japan and have been growing tea for 7 generations. The garden is in Kyoto prefecture, the heartland of fine Japanese tea. Lalani & Co have been working with the Nakai family for almost 10 years, bringing their best teas into our collection and experimenting on new tea styles.

It’s unusual to find an oolong from Japan where almost all tea is made into green tea. As experts in bringing you unusual teas, Lalani & Co are pleased to bring you this special oolong. The leaves are initially sun-withered, followed by oxidation, firing, and a long overnight roll. The process is similar to some Taiwanese oolongs. The Kyoto Oolong is a single varietal tea, made from Zairai varietal tea plants. Most of the Japanese tea plants are clonal varietals; however, Zairai is a seed-grown descendant from the original plants which came from China, hundreds of years ago.

Why do we love Kyoto Oolong 2019 | Single Batch Tea
  • On the palate, the Kyoto Oolong is very complex. This tea is at the sweeter end of the spectrum. There’s a lively fruity acidity and apricot character. This combines with a syrupy texture and a toasty biscuity character. All together, it’s reminiscent of an apricot cheesecake with toasty base.
  • Region: Kyoto, Japan
  • Producer: Nakai Family Gardens
  • Season: Nibancha (Summer) 2019
  • Batch: (Organic) 50kg
  • Weight: 50g Jar
  • Store in a cool, dry place. Keep the leaves away form moisture. The Kyoto Oolongs are best drunk within 5 years.
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