Elektra Micro Casa Semiautomatica SX Espresso Machine

SX- Brass/Copper

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Elektra continues its legacy of designing high aesthetic value espresso machine that gives you outstanding performance in coffee extractions. Their espresso machines have both attributes of modern technology and traditional designs, and the Micro Casa Semiautomatica is a perfect example of that. The espresso it brews and the micro foam it creates are second to none. It features a beautiful, long lasting chrome or a copper and brass finish with beautiful Elektra Eagle as a crowning emblem on the dome of the espresso machine.

Why do we love Elektra Micro Casa Semiautomatica SX Espresso Machine
  • Pressure gauge to easily monitor the steam pressure in the boiler by looking at a needle on the espresso machine’s pressure gauge.

  • Boiler pressure relief valve and safety thermostat to prevent boiler damage and for safety.

  • Brass heat exchange boiler for enhanced water temperature stability and for producing dry steam that is needed to make the best micro foam.

  • Three way solenoid valve relieves pressure and dries out coffee after espresso extraction. This helps reduce dripping and allows users to make additional shots more easily.

  • Two litres (67 ounce) reservoir that can be easily refilled.

  • Features High quality portafilter with beautiful bakelite handle. 58mm filter basket size.

  • Water level sight glass indicates water level in boiler.

  • Semi-automatic-pump operated espresso machine which allows users to control the volume of water used for espresso shots.

  • Easy to use controls.

  • Weight: 11kg

  • Dimensions: 58cm H x 26cm W x 26cm D

  • Voltage: 220V - 240V

  • Frequency: 60Hz

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