Rivers Stout Air Bottle 550ml

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Cadet Blue

STOUT AIR, a new essential bottle for the outdoorsman!

The TRITAN used in the bottle is a safe, BPA-free resin that is clear, like glass. It’s so sturdy it won’t even crack if you drop it on a rocky surface, so it has become essential for outdoors use.

The lid has a silicone strap, so you can hang it from a carabiner, and never have to worry about losing it.

The inner lid (splashguard), which comes standard with the STOUT AIR, is extremely handy.

It serves an essential role, making it possible to rehydrate while on the move.

Why do we love Rivers Stout Air Bottle 550ml
  • Simple structure and look, sturdiness, and light weight
  • A heat resistance rating of 100°C
  • For use in different activities and fields.
  • Used for drinks, food, coffee server, or even as measuring cups or shakers — your imagination is the limit.
  • Volume markings printed on the bottle that can be used to measure water when cooking or preparing coffee.
  • Material: PCT “TRITAN” (Bottle) / Polypropylene (Lid, Splash guard, Ring) / Silicone rubber (Strap) / Stainless steel (Pin)
  • Capacity: 550ml
  • Max Temperature: 100°C (Bottle) / 140°C (Lid, Splash guard)
  • Min Temperature: -40°C (Bottle, Lid, Splash guard)
  • Size: W71mm (100mm including strap) x D71mm x H157mm
  • Weight: 105g
  • Made in China
  • Not suitable for: microwave, dishwasher, dryer.
  • English
  • العربية