VSSL JAVA Coffee Grinder

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Brew epic coffee anywhere

Designedto support self-sufficiency wherever you travel, VSSL JAVA is born out of core design principles: durable, portable, and features functionality that can deliver the best cup of coffee with a variety of brew methods wherever you choose to brew it. 

The true deal-breaker in brewing a great cup lies in the consistency of your grind. VSSL Java has a best-in-class stainless steel burr, which makes it faster and easier to cut beans to a uniform shape with a consistently better result.

With 50 distinct settings, so you can obtain exactly the right grind size allowing you to extract the maximum flavor and aroma in your coffee no matter how you choose to brew.

    Why do we love VSSL JAVA Coffee Grinder

    • Premium components: ultra-durable aircraft-grade aluminum body, stainless steel burrs, premium ball bearings
    • 50 unique grind settings allow you to achieve the ideal consistency of grind
    • Grind in under a minute: thanks to their extendable grinder handles and ergonomic grip, you can go from beans to brewing in under a minute.
    • Ball bearings: with two high-grade mini radial ball bearing sets, you’ll never “wobble” as you grind. The pressure and force you exert will apply evenly and efficiently to grind the coffee beans to your desired consistency.


    • Dimensions: 6" X 2"
    • Grind Capacity: 20g
    • Weight: 360g

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